Terryberry is a provider of employee recognition solutions through its proprietary 360 Recognition platform, including years of service, performance and social award programs.  For over a century, Terryberry has been helping organizations develop, implement and manage employee recognition programs.  Founded by Herbert R. Terryberry in 1918, Terryberry began as an award manufacturer, crafting high quality recognition awards and recognition jewelry in its manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI.  Today, Terryberry’s employee recognition services have expanded to include its innovative 360 Recognition platform, a single hub that houses all recognition initiatives and corporate awards from one easy-to-manage platform.  Terryberry is led by 4th Generation Managing Partner Mike Byam, and has manufacturing facilities in Grand Rapids, MI and St. Louis, MO and a distribution center outside of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Employee Recognition
Initial Investment
November 2019

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