Kevin Doyle

Director, Business Development

Business Development

Mr. Doyle is responsible for business development, including the origination and evaluation of investment opportunities.

Prior to joining Tenex in 2018, Mr. Doyle worked at Intralinks as Director of Dealnexus, the largest online deal sourcing community for M&A participants. Mr. Doyle joined following the sale of his company, PE-Nexus, to Intralinks in 2013. Mr. Doyle was Co-founder and COO of PE-Nexus, which was the first site of its kind to seamlessly integrate a secure database of qualified middle-market deal opportunities with a versatile professional networking platform.

Prior to co-founding PE-Nexus, Mr. Doyle worked at private equity group H.I.G. Capital with a focus on business development and transaction sourcing. Prior to H.I.G., Mr. Doyle was a senior investment banker for Cross Keys Capital, where he successfully advised on transactions across various industries. He began his career at Taylor Rafferty where he advised on a variety of cross-border M&A transactions.

Mr. Doyle holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

To share investment opportunities, please contact Kevin at