TENEX CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. (“TENEX”) is an operationally focused private equity firm that invests in middle-market companies. Tenex is comprised of an in-house team of hybrid investment professionals experienced in operational leadership, investing and capital markets structuring to help companies enhance utilization of their operating assets and maximize long-term value creation.

Tenex’s deep resident operating experience allows the firm to collaborate with management teams to capitalize on business and market opportunities. Tenex has established a successful track record investing in diverse industries, including, but not limited to, industrials, manufacturing, healthcare, building products, energy equipment and services, distribution and business services. Tenex is currently investing out of Tenex Capital Partners, L.P., a $453mm private equity fund.

The Tenex Effect

Operational change that fundamentally alters the trajectory of a business, creating an inflection point in the company’s performance

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Our People

Tenex has built a strong, multi-disciplinary team. Its principals have worked together for over a decade, employing the hybrid skill set of operational leadership and capital markets structuring.  The team brings a sense of urgency to each assignment, with the mindset of operators focused on results, standing ready to support our management teams as they execute and implement the ‘Tenex Effect.’  We embrace the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

Investment Strategy

Tenex seeks to be a long-term partner with management by aligning incentives and employing operational change, not financial engineering, to facilitate long-term value creation. Our deep understanding of any particular opportunity is achieved not only through careful research, but also from actual operational experience. This core competency of industrial and operational experience combined with investment acumen provides an edge in underwriting investment opportunities and supporting our management teams in executing operating plans across a wide array of industries. Tenex seeks to acquire control positions in companies located in the U.S. and Canada, and requiring up to $100mm of equity.