There is no one type of Tenex transaction; instead the firm partners with management to improve businesses by providing strategic and operational support.


Generalist investors with a focus on industries that can benefit from Tenex’s operational expertise


Invest up to $100 million of equity in each business, including public/private standalone acquisitions and carve outs


Constructive collaboration with management on business transformation and growth strategies


US & Canada


Require control positions, but can accommodate significant minority co-investors



  • Oliver


    Initial Investment: July 2022
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  • Black Diamond Networks

    Black Diamond Networks

    Technical Staffing
    Initial Investment: November 2021
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  • Suited Connector

    Suited Connector

    Digital Lead Generation
    Initial Investment: December 2021
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  • BELAY Solutions

    BELAY Solutions

    Virtual Staffing
    Initial Investment: June 2021
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  • JTM Foods

    JTM Foods

    Food Manufacturing
    Initial Investment: May 2021
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  • Aqua Central

    Aqua Central

    Pool Equipment & Supplies
    Initial Investment: October 2020
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  • Consolidated Label & Online Labels

    Consolidated Label & Online Labels

    Packaging Labels
    Initial Investment: July 2020
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  • G2 Secure Staff

    G2 Secure Staff

    Aviation Staffing Services
    Initial Investment: January 2020
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  • Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

    Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

    Corporate Displays & Signage
    Initial Investment: November 2019
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  • Terryberry


    Employee Recognition
    Initial Investment: November 2019
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  • Big Bolt Corporation

    Big Bolt Corporation

    Fastener Manufacturing
    Initial Investment: August 2019
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  • Smile Design

    Smile Design

    Dental Service Organization
    Initial Investment: October 2018
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  • BeneSys


    Third Party Administration
    Initial Investment: September 2018
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  • Team Select Home Care

    Team Select Home Care

    Healthcare Services
    Initial Investment: October 2017
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  • National Trench Safety

    National Trench Safety

    Infrastructure Equipment
    Initial Investment: March 2017
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  • Unirac, Inc.

    Unirac, Inc.

    Solar Racking
    Initial Investment: April 2016
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  • Hub Promotional Group

    Hub Promotional Group

    Promotional Products
    Initial Investment: March 2016
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  • Ohio Medical

    Ohio Medical

    Healthcare Devices
    Initial Investment: December 2015
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  • Compass Health Brands

    Compass Health Brands

    Medical Devices
    Initial Investment: July 2013
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  • Arnold Transportation Services

    Arnold Transportation Services

    Transportation & Logistics
    Initial Investment: June 2011
    Date of Exit: February 2020
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  • Auveco


    Automotive Aftermarket
    Initial Investment: January 2018
    Date of Exit: May 2022
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  • Brown Machine (fka “TTG”)

    Brown Machine (fka “TTG”)

    Heavy Machinery
    Initial Investment: March 2016
    Date of Exit: October 2018
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  • Cadence Petroleum Group (fka Pugh Lubricants)

    Cadence Petroleum Group (fka Pugh Lubricants)

    Industrial/Automotive Lubricant Distributor
    Initial Investment: November 2016
    Date of Exit: October 2020
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  • Custom Molded Products

    Custom Molded Products

    Pool/Spa/Bath Equipment
    Initial Investment: December 2016
    Date of Exit: March 2021
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  • Empire Auto Parts

    Empire Auto Parts

    Automotive Aftermarket
    Initial Investment: September 2018
    Date of Exit: November 2021
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  • Fairmont Supply

    Fairmont Supply

    Industrial Distribution
    Initial Investment: December 2014
    Date of Exit: March 2020
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  • JPW Industries

    JPW Industries

    Metalworking and Woodworking Tools
    Initial Investment: November 2013
    Date of Exit: September 2017
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  • Medical Solutions

    Medical Solutions

    Healthcare Staffing Services
    Initial Investment: June 2012
    Date of Exit: August 2015
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    Small Business Services
    Initial Investment: August 2015
    Date of Exit: October 2017
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  • Rush Manufacturing

    Rush Manufacturing

    Heavy Equipment
    Initial Investment: December 2012
    Date of Exit: February 2020
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  • SES Foam

    SES Foam

    Building Materials
    Initial Investment: December 2013
    Date of Exit: July 2022
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  • SouthernCarlson


    Building & Industrial Products Distribution
    Initial Investment: September 2014
    Date of Exit: July 2016
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  • Techniks Industries

    Techniks Industries

    Industrial Cutting Tools
    Initial Investment: July 2012
    Date of Exit: September 2015
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  • Wolf Home Products

    Wolf Home Products

    Building Products
    Initial Investment: September 2019
    Date of Exit: August 2021
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